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Double Sided Square Hanging Banner


Double your impact with the Double Sided Square Hanging Banner. High-quality, versatile, and attention-grabbing for standout displays.


Get noticed with the Double Sided Square Hanging Banner a must have for impactful visibility. Crafted from high quality fabric, these large hanging banners ensure your trade show booth stands out. Available in round, square, and triangle configurations, along with various sizes, the Double-Sided Square Hanging Banner suits diverse settings perfectly.

Included Components:

  • 1 collapsible extruded aluminum hanging sign frame (featuring curved stabilizer, quarter circle, curved connector)
  • 1 full-color tension fabric graphic print with zippered enclosure
  • Handy nylon travel bag
  • Hanging cable and chain for effortless suspension
  • Flexible spring element for added versatility
  • Secure eye hooks, large screws, and hook loop locks
  • Reliable screw tightener for a sturdy assembly

Additional information

Diameter and Height

"Diameter 5ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 72" Height"

Turnaround Time

Standard Turnaround (4 to 6 Business Days)


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Double Sided Square Hanging Banner
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