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Single Sided Circle Hanging Banner


This Single-sided circle hanging banner is a great way to get your message seen by everyone. It is made of durable fabric and features a full-color graphic on both sides. The banner is easy to hang and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for trade shows, conventions, and other events.


The Single Sided Circle Hanging Banner is a large, eye-catching banner that is perfect for trade shows and other events. It is made from high-quality fabric and is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The banner comes with a collapsible aluminum frame, a full-color fabric graphic, a nylon travel bag, and all the hardware you need to hang it.


  • Get noticed at your next trade show or event
  • Promote your brand or message to a wider audience
  • Make a lasting impression on potential customers
  • Easy to transport and set up

What’s included?

  • Collapsible extruded aluminum hanging sign frame
  • Full-color zippered tension fabric graphic print
  • Nylon travel bag
  • Hanging cable
  • Chain
  • Spring
  • Eye hooks
  • Large screws
  • Hook loop locks
  • Screw tightener

Order your Skybox Fabric Hanging Banner today and start getting noticed!

Here are some additional details that you may want to include in the product description:

  • The banner is made from a durable fabric that is resistant to fading and tearing.
  • The fabric graphic is printed with high-quality inks that will last for years.
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • The travel bag makes it easy to transport the banner to and from events.
  • The hanging hardware is included so you can hang the banner right away.

Additional information

Diameter and Height

"Diameter 5ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 72" Height"

Print Option

One Side Print (W/Black Back Fabric), One Side Print (W/White Back Fabric)

Turnaround Time

Rush (3 Business Days), Standard Turnaround (4 to 6 Business Days)


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Single Sided Circle Hanging Banner
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