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Single Sided Square Hanging Banner


Elevate visibility at events with our Single Sided Square Hanging Banner. High-quality fabric, easy setup. Stand out from the crowd!


Introducing the Single Sided Square Hanging Banner – the ultimate attention-grabber for your event! Crafted from premium quality fabric, this oversized hanging banner ensures your booth garners attention from all corners of the trade show floor. Whether you opt for a round, square, or triangle configuration, this Skybox Fabric Hanging Banner is designed to cater to various preferences and needs.

Package Contents:

  • 1 Collapsible extruded aluminum hanging sign frame, complete with curved stabilizer, quarter circle, and curved connector.
  • 1 Full-color tension fabric graphic print, secured with a zippered enclosure.
  • Nylon travel bag for convenient transportation and storage.
  • Hanging Cable and Chain for hassle-free installation.
  • Spring and Eye hooks for added support.
  • Large screws, Hook loop locks, and Screw tightener to ensure a sturdy setup.

Elevate your visibility with the Single Sided Square Hanging Banner, and make a lasting impression at your next trade show or event.

Additional information

Print Option

One Side Print (W/Black Back Fabric), One Side Print (W/White Back Fabric)

Diameter and Height

"Diameter 5ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 5ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 8ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 10ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 12ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 15ft. x 72" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 24" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 32" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 36" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 42" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 48" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 60" Height", "Diameter 20ft. x 72" Height"

Turnaround Time

Standard Turnaround (4 to 6 Business Days)


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Single Sided Square Hanging Banner
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